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Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Report

We are pleased to provide a summary of St. Anastasia Catholic Parish financial operations for the fiscal year 2017.  The report reflects the financial activities of our Church (including Religious Education) and School.  The advisory boards of St. Anastasia Parish, which include the Pastoral Council, Finance Council, Development Board and School Advisory Board, continue to focus on retaining and enhancing the faith and educational experiences while operating within our budget.  Unfortunately this has been a challenge for the last several years.  Due to operating deficits in 2015 and 2016 we accumulated just over $75,000 in debt, and in 2017 to cover further deficits, we had to use of $158,000 of earnings derived from our endowment fund.  At the close of this fiscal year, the total amount we owe the Archdiocese to cover our deficits is just over $173,500.

As we look forward to 2018, we continue to find ways to improve efficiency in our daily operations (consolidating the parish and school support staff), improve fundraising and stewardship efforts, and updating our buildings to operate more efficiently using the donations received through capital campaigns.  We are committed to supporting our school and faith formation efforts, parish ministries and social justice causes that help us to achieve our vision and live our Mission.

This report is also available on our parish website under the About Us tab.


Financial Highlights

  • Our generous parishioners gave $377,457 in Sunday Collections, which is $27,257 less than 2016.
  • Additional contributions to our To Teach Who Christ Is campaign were $55,849 and our various Development Appeal Donations were $50,722.
  • We received donations to build our new playground from a private donor who continues to look at our school and its building and grounds needs.
  • We continued to keep the tuition affordable for our families by providing $35,950 in tuition assistance.