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Covecrest 2018

Earlier this month, a small group of girls from our parish and Most Blessed Trinity Parish went to Tiger, GA to participate in a week long camp experience at Life Teen’s Camp Covecrest. The girls were accompanied by Fr. Radley Alcantara and Diana Arizmendi. The theme for the week was “Relentless Father” and the teens had the opportunity to experience God’s love and mercy through the sacraments, activities, conversations, sessions and friendships that were made. We look forward to traveling again next year with more youth from our parishes!

"I want to thank everyone who made it possible for us to be able to go to this trip. It really opened up our hearts to the Lord, letting us reflect on how great of a relentless Father God  is and how He was able to free us from sin when He died on the cross. This experience really was able to open up my eyes to what God has planned for me and I hope that we are able to give this experience to other teens in our community.”

~ Leslie Nuñez


“My experience at Covecrest was amazing. I grew stronger in my faith, I learned different ways to pray, I got plenty of answers, I had one on one time with God and that was well needed, I found people that will help me get closer to God and want the best for me. With all of that I had so much fun! The talks that we had over at camp went really deep and personally made me think a lot about what i needed to do to be a better Catholic. For sure I will be using all of the things that I learned in my day to day life. I’m so thankful that I got that amazing opportunity to go do something fun but learn a lot more about God. An experience that I personally will never forget!”

~Vania Abonce-Diaz