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Steubenville on the Lake

In July, about 40 teens from St. Anastasia, St. Paul the Apostle, and St. Patrick went up to Kenosha, WI for the Steubenville on the Lake conference.  This year's theme was REVEALED where teens learned more about our loving Father, who wants to make Himself known to us and speak truth about who we are. God’s love is deeper and His plan for our lives is greater than anything the world has to offer.
Thank you to all of you who made it possible for our teens to attend this conference!
"Steubenville was amazing. Steubenville changed the way I see God and respect him. Attending adoration and the Masses made me realize that God truly loves no matter what I do or what happens. The people there also where amazing especially because I thought I wouldn't meet anyone new but at the end we all had some sort of bond." - MJ
"I came out of the conference knowing that God was all around me in my life, in the small things and big things. All of us have a relationship with God and we have the choice to deepen that relationship and go further into our faith." - Jenna
"The people there were so nice, it was like they had no hate in them. To be completely honest I would have like to be there for another three days. This experience was remarkable, almost like another chapter in my life that God has opened." - Miguel
"Steubenville was great! It was a good retreat to get my mind off things and focus on God. It helped me gain the confidence and the opportunity to go to confession. The talks helped me take away more from the experience and learn from others' experiences encountering God." - Rebecca